Aervana Electric Aerator


Aervana Electric Aerator

Aervana™ is the world’s first electric wine aerator. It provides an innovative, effective and fun way to aerate a variety of wine. With a push of a button, the Aervana can provide aeration to a whole bottle or single glass in seconds as opposed to hours in a decanter. Aervana allows the focus to be on the wine and your guests and not the aeration process. Aervana, enjoy wine the way winemakers intended, instantly. Fast, easy to use and clean. No lifting, aiming, spilling, or guessing. Only aerator designed to keep wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle and not in your glass. Designed to pour a perfect amount of aerated wine every time, no guessing or free pouring. 

Additional Information: Product includes two tubes, 6 AAA batteries and the Aervana body. Non-drip dispenser spout to table-top provides more than 10 inches clearance for the largest-sized wine glass. Powered by 6 AAA 1.5V batteries (batteries included). Aerate and dispense more than 250 bottles of wine (average bottle being 750 ml) per set of batteries. Fits most common wine bottle shapes. Tube length optimized for 750 ml sized bottles (two tubes provided).

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  • Vintage: NV
  • Winery: Aervana