Banshee 2014 Mordecai Proprietary Red


Banshee 2014 Mordecai Proprietary Red 
Retail 29.99 - GGWC 24.99

The 2014 Banshee Mordecai Red has a whopping SEVEN varietals (only Chateuneuf du Pape has 13 varietals, 9 Red and 4 white) -  35% Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa, Sonoma), 28% Syrah (Anderson Valley, Sonoma), 22% Zinfandel (Dry Creek, Russian River), 6% Merlot (Alexander Valley), 4% Carignan (Mendocino), 3% Cabernet Franc (Sonoma), 2% Cinsault (Sonoma)
 One could call this bouillabaisse, but all joking aside, this is an awesome great value priced wine.

The result is a worthy follow up to the success of their inaugural blend. This vintage, a Napa Cabernet parcel stepped up to take the lead role but it is fascinating  to  see  how  the  other  varieties express themselves. The Syrah adds a little spiciness, the Grenache bright red fruit, and the Cabernet Franc an intriguing nose. Each piece adds something distinct and essential to the wine.   We like to think of this as a marriage between Bordeaux and Rhone, consummated in California. 

This wine is rich and full-bodied, the great 2014 vintage bestowed a certain class and elegance to the wine.  On the nose one encounters gorgeous aromas of black stone fruit, a hint of coffee and a whiff of spice.  On the palate, this full-bodied gem offers black currant, chocolate and an array of spices (probably from the Syrah, Cinsault, etc.).  The finish is long, elegant and silky smooth.  This is an ideal wine for multiple food pairings or for those who cannot decide what to pair with chicken, fish, steak, lamb, ribs, game, etc.  sorry also good for those vegetarians (I don’t want to forget you!)

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  • Vintage: 2014
  • Winery: Banshee